Unobtrusive notification messages can be used to give feedback to users.
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All of AlertifyJS animation/transition effects are disabled due to user preference that the system minimizes the amount of animation or motion it uses. See prefers-reduced-motion CSS media feature.

Default usage

You create notification message by invoking alertify.notify(...)

 * @message  {String or DOMElement} The notification message contents.
 * @type     {String }              The Type of notification message (CSS class name 'ajs-{type}' to be added).
 * @wait     {Number}               The time (in seconds) to wait before the notification is auto-dismissed.
 * @callback {Function}             A callback function to be invoked when the notification is dismissed.
 * @return {Object} Notification object.
 * alertify.notify(message, type, wait, callback)
var notification = alertify.notify('sample', 'success', 5, function(){  console.log('dismissed'); });